Partnering with UKG


What to look for in a UKG-On Demand Pay Partnership

UKG is helping employees access their earned wages through its various partnerships with ODP Vendors

"Teaming up with UKG has empowered many top employers to offer the powerful, and often life-changing, benefit of on-demand pay that helps employees pay bills and take control of their finances on their own schedule."1

“By partnering with an established leader in Payactiv, UKG Wallet is already among the most comprehensive financial wellness platforms in the HCM market, ready to help our customers and their people find success right away”2

“By collaborating closely with UKG, [Instant Financial] is turning control back over to employees, allowing them to access a portion of their earned wages when they want them”3

Availability of Key Offerings Reliable Integrations Ongoing Support
Required Components HCM Services On-Demand Pay Services Multi-system integration API redundancy E2E Employer Support Daily Employee Support
DailyPay-UKG SolutionBusinesses greater than 400 employees, seeking a full-service, automated ODP solution
Payactiv-UKG SolutionSmall to mid-sized businesses seeking ongoing payroll involvement in ODP program
Instant Financial-UKG SolutionBusinesses primarily seeking a paycard solution with additional capabilities
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