Payroll Calculators

Do you have a need to determine how to get gross-to-net dollar amounts for various payroll situations? Maybe it’s a bonus payment, a termination, retroactive pay or simply wanting to know what will happen to net pay with a salary increase or an increased 401(k) plan deduction.

From regularly scheduled payday withholding to specific pay period one-off calculations, there are tools out there that generate accurate results once the proper payroll information is included.

Calculators run the gamut from simple salary calculations to gross-up payments, and from considering bonus percentage calculations to 401(k) additions.

Be prepared to provide the federal and state (if applicable) filing status of the worker, the gross amount of pay (of course!), the pay frequency and any already understood deductions from pay.

Of the several free payroll calculators available, we recommend the ones at

Gross-up calculator

It is not uncommon for payroll professionals to need to add amounts to gross taxable pay to cover taxes when the employer wants to provide a particular amount net of taxes. Instead of doing this manually, the gross-up calculator figures in federal, any state and social security taxes and provides what the gross amount should be when given the desired net.

Bonus calculator (percentage)

For many bonus payments, employers have an option to apply a federal flat rate of tax to the bonus amount instead of applying the additional amounts to regular payments following the Federal Form W-4. There are states that also have a flat tax rate option as well. This calculator will identify the taxes to withhold and the net amount of pay for a particular bonus using this method.

Bonus calculator (aggregate method)

In instances where the aggregate method of withholding is applied to bonus payments, this calculator uses the individual’s last paycheck amount to apply the correct withholding rates to the special wage payment.

401(k) calculator

Employees may want to know what their net pay would be if they change their 401(k) deduction. This calculator not only determines how federal taxes are impacted, but also how state taxes will be applied, based on the information the individual provides.

Salary calculator

The salary calculator generally is for individuals wanting to calculate net pay or take home pay. Enter the per-period or annual salary along with the pertinent federal, state, and local W4 information.

Hourly calculator

This calculator allows up to six different hourly pay rates to be entered, along with pertinent federal, state and local filing information, to come up with a projected net pay at the end of a pay cycle.