About us

As payroll people, we’re busy – too busy to take the time to research everything we need to know.  So, that’s what this site is for — to help hard-working payroll professionals like you to find answers to questions you might have and to curate content for you all in one place so that you know where to go to get answers and maybe even to get a smile on your face.

We even have an advice column from our rock-star payroll columnist Payroll Paula, and we encourage you to submit questions that you need answers to.

As we said, we’re trying to make this easy for you, so to help you, we’re including:

  • Articles that can help you get the information you need about relevant payroll topics
  • Innovations that we’re identifying in payroll that can help your team and your employees
  • Payroll social media feeds
  • Information about upcoming payroll events
  • Memes, just because we all could use a good payroll meme from time to time

Please feel free to reach out to us at people [at] payrolltimes [dot] com if you have a certain topic you’d like to see us cover or for anything at all! We hope you enjoy the site!